“Helping Business and People reach a higher level of Success”.

“Marty Latman is a major facilitator at CIT.  In this role, he holds breakout sessions at every meeting which have been of great assistance to the people who are in transition and employed.  In addition, he has assisted hundreds of people looking for employment at all levels of both financial and IT positions.  His advice is well founded in practicality and strategy and freely given to all members of CIT. He has a substantial personal network which he makes available to members of the group. Finally, he has spoken at several other groups giving direction and assistance to many professionals who are looking for new employment.

CIT membership is over 900 professionals both employed and in transition.”

John S.

We should all expect that the things we write online will never go away. Getting to know Marty through NJ-SENG I know I’ll never have to worry that I’ve given him this recommendation. It’s just not in his DNA to perform in any capacity less than excellence. I’m privileged to have met an executive of his competence and caliber, he’s that kind of guy.

Brian R.

Marty is a leader who inspires others to do their best. His knowledge, humility, and speaking style make him an outstanding public speaker. He consistently demonstrates sincere appreciation, concern, and interest in everyone he meets. 

John T.

Marty and I met while working and networking. Marty is an outstanding professional and true leader. Marty’s communication style is one of being authentic, collaborative, engaging and clear. Marty offers a breadth and depth of knowledge, experience and skill in many venues which allows him to be an effective leader. He works seamlessly with individuals at all levels, functions & industries and is respected and well regarded by his peers. I learned a great deal from Marty as he is always willing to share his knowledge and offer constructive criticism. Marty is not afraid to speak out, but does so with a clear message that is well researched, value-added and designed to improve outcomes.  Marty is a great strategic thinker but is also very capable of managing details either through others or directly. Marty is a steward of building healthy enduring teams!

Lou C.